Day 60 – Legs, Backs and Ab Ripper X.

D D D D DAY 60, holy cow, 60 days? Really, come on, I am joking right? Wrong, take a look at my photos again if you think I am joking, No photoshop here, just fat reduction shop…

So Day 60 – Legs, Backs and Ab Ripper X.

This morning got up again, and did my workout. This was a long workout, about an hour and 20 minutes which I did in about 45 minutes. These are new moves, so I am not able to do 25 of many of them, and once I hit my limit, instead of standing there and wasting time, I skipped to the next routine to keep my body moving. I tried each of the moves and need to get better balance on some, but that will get better with time, but there was not a routine that I did that I felt was too much for me. Again, as Tony said, take a slow, do it right, if it looks sloppy, so what, do what you can and as time goes on you will improve.

Tomorrow is Kempo X. looking forward to that, and after that, wake Maggie up and we are heading to Kings Dominion for the day! Woot!

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Day 59 – Yoga X

First, wow, about to complete 9 full weeks of working out. Amazing in many ways. I am amazing myself at my progress, and amazing myself that I am still doing this and still as committed as I am. More about this on my rest day.

Who would have thought Yoga X would be one of the hardest routines? But wow, its amazing. I wish the session was not an hour and a half long. I admit I did not do the full thing today, did a good 30 minutes of it. I had some better flexibility than I thought I would, not perfect but a heck of a lot better than I was 9 weeks ago I can tell you that. Next week I plan to get through all the moves, I may skip some of the things that I know I can do well and focus on learning and getting better at the new moves that I have not seen before in the Yoga I did in Power 90. But I am feeling great, I am feeling relaxed and it really did a lot for not only my flexibility but waking up and stretching muscles that were a little cramped or sore. Very good routine. Looking forward to Legs & Back and Ab Ripper X tomorrow.

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Day 58 – Shoulders & Arms, and Abs X.

Wow, what an amazing routine. I LOVED, absolutely LOVED the Shoulders and Arms routine. Amazing. I pushed myself with some of the routines and I am definitely feeling it. What a rush. Abs X, well that is really tough and its gong to take me a long time to master some of the moves, but I did the best I could, focused on form and did the best I could do and was happy with the my results after I was done. Tomorrow is Yoga X. I am going to try to get up in the morning and get back to the morning routine so I have time in the evening to play with Maggie, she wants to go outside and play after we get home.

Definitely loving P90x. Wow, just… wow…

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Day 57 P90x – Cardio X

I have just completed Cardio X. I love it much more than the sweat series. Both Cardio X and Sweat 3-4 are about the amount of time, but there is much more that you do and more variety of moves and exercise in Cardio X than sweat 3-4. Don’t get me wrong, I loved P90 and for the shape I was in it was the best thing for me, but with the workout I had last night and the one I had tonight I think moving to P90x was the right thing to do. I will do the rest of the routines this week and see how the rest go before I make a final determination. But so far its all systems go for P90x. The past two days I have been more focused on the routines than I had been the past few weeks of Power 90. Power 90 I was just going through the routines and that was it. Now I am focusing on doing the moves correctly in P90x as Tony says, form is key, it may be sloppy but don’t worry about it, do the best you can.

Looking forward to pressing play tomorrow. I will probably do the same I did with Power 90 and the night before scan through the DVD and watch the exercises so I know what to expect the following day.

Now all I need to do is get myself motivated to working out in the morning again, so I have my evening to relax.

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Day 56 P90x – Core Synergistics

Today I decided to try P90x Lean. With that I did Core Synergistics and had a very nice exercise. Tonight and the next two weeks will be learning new routines. I did very good with most of the routines, there are a few that well, will take a while to master, but I tried them and some I did better than I thought I would actually. I am sore, but not too sure, I worked muscles tonight that I have not worked on P90 and think I will continue to try the next P90x routine tomorrow and go from there. If I decide I can’t to do it, can always move back to P90, but I really think I am ready for the next chapter. Help me get more flexible, work new muscles and hopefully help me out of this weight loss rut I have been in the past few weeks.

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Day 55 Rest

Happy Easter, spend the day over on the Eastern shore and had a nice easter with the family. I had a few pieces of Maggie’s candy and after dinner had some pound cake and it tasted great having the candy and pound cake but now I feel bloated and feel bad. Its nice to have a great every once in a while but after just having a little splurge like I did my body is so use to eating healthy that I will be happy to be eating my normally healthy food tomorrow.

Spent some time outside running around and playing tag with Maggie and it felt great running around. Still getting use to my new shoes which is the only thing that held me back but to be able to runs around and not feel exhausted and actually feel more energized after running around is a great feeling. I am so pumped from all the comments I got about my latest pictures, and it makes me even more determined to continue and succeed. I promise to continue to press play and look forward to the net set of pictures in the next 30 days.

Again thanks you everyone for the great comments and encouraging words about my progress, I read everything and it really does touch me and happy.

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You tube Video

Here is a video I did on Tuesday, This is still in a little rough form, I want to make an addition to it and also edit a little bit out. Right now it clocks in just under 10 minutes. So grab some popcorn and watch, hope this does not put you to sleep, its just 10 minutes of raw emotion…

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