Day 55 Rest

Happy Easter, spend the day over on the Eastern shore and had a nice easter with the family. I had a few pieces of Maggie’s candy and after dinner had some pound cake and it tasted great having the candy and pound cake but now I feel bloated and feel bad. Its nice to have a great every once in a while but after just having a little splurge like I did my body is so use to eating healthy that I will be happy to be eating my normally healthy food tomorrow.

Spent some time outside running around and playing tag with Maggie and it felt great running around. Still getting use to my new shoes which is the only thing that held me back but to be able to runs around and not feel exhausted and actually feel more energized after running around is a great feeling. I am so pumped from all the comments I got about my latest pictures, and it makes me even more determined to continue and succeed. I promise to continue to press play and look forward to the net set of pictures in the next 30 days.

Again thanks you everyone for the great comments and encouraging words about my progress, I read everything and it really does touch me and happy.

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