Day 53 – Sculpt 3-4

Just completed my 53rd workout. I did two Sculpts in a row yesterday and today since I did two cardio routines Tuesday and Wednesday. Had a good workout tonight after filling myself up with some of the best tasting protein I have ever had in my life from Rays The Steaks. Amazing restaurant. Tomorrow will be back to my normal routine…

Still pressing play, and still loving it!

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Day 54 – Sweat 3-4

Really nice workout today, did a great job, and feeling great and energized right now. Super workout. Now to head to the Eastern shore this after noon to see the inlays and Maggie who has been there since Thursday night. Looking forward to a nice day off tomorrow and a nice Easter..

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Day 51 – Turbo Fire – Fire 45 EZ Class

Did you read that right? Turbo Fire? Huh? Yeah, well I did a fit club workout last night and when you go to one of these the workout you do can be anything and well let me just say this kicked my ass. The moves were super fast and half the time I was like what did she say, what did she do? None of the moves that were done were too hard, but it was just soooo dang fast and furious… But it was still fun…

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Day 50 sweat 3-4

Excuse me, did I just read that correctly? Day 50? I have been doing this for 50 days? Wow. Well again, I worked out after I got home tonight, its been working out well so far. I sort of prefer working out at night so maybe I will do this for now on. I don’t have the energy in the morning some days and I have energey at night, will see how it goes from here. the important thing is I am continuing to press play and still having fun. It still is hard to start exercising, but once I start I am glad I did it.

I have not posted any photos updates because I have not really lost any weight in the past three weeks, I am still losing a little bit of inches around my waist, so next week I will take an updated picture.

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Day 49

Did a fit test to prepare for P90x, wasn’t great, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Then I followed by a little sculpt 3-4, did not do a full workout tonight since I did a fit test but I wanted to get some workout in.

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Day 48 – Sweat 3-4

Day 48 almost did not happen. As usual I woke up in the morning and did not work out first thing. Planned on it after breakfast, but forgot we had to go to the Apple store to get Heathers iPhone replaced, she has been having problems with it. While there she saw a case that she liked for her iPad that a customer had, we asked her where she got it and she told us the Nordstrom Rack, so off we went to there. After that we got home and I ended up going to look for new shows, then we went out to dinner, went to look for shoes again, struck out the first time, as well as the second time. Got home about 9:45 tonight and at that point was trying to help get Maggie to bed. She was so fired up at the Kids Choice awards being on tonight and loved watching it. After she got to sleep, I got my workout mode on and pressed play and had a very nice workout. It was abbreviated because of the time of night and not wanting to wake people up, but I got a real nice 30 minute cardio/Abs workout on.

So tomorrow will be my rest day. I had consider taking today and tomorrow for a rest day, or since I didn’t think I would work out at first, thought this would be my rest day and work out tomorrow, but now tomorrow will be my rest day as normal.

Its amazing how I keep thinking about the workouts and how I think about skipping it and how my routine, and my guilt keeps me doing it. Its a good guilt, not a bad guilt, I think its because I really enjoy exercising and how it makes me feel after I exercise and love how its starting to make me look that keeps me motivated and keeps me pressing play.

This next week will be a challenge having to get up early and working in Rosslyn. But somehow I will prevail and workout still this coming week.

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Day 47 – Sculpt 3-4

Wow, last night was probably the lowest point in my exercising, was not feeling the love with the exercising, had been getting frustrated, have no really seen any progress in the past 10 days, have not lost any weight in the past 10 days, and getting discouraged. I knew I had to change something up with my diet, and just did not have the energy and realized I was not getting enough protein in my diet. So yesterday I picked up a canister of Protein drink and had three servings of it as recommended on the label. Its a low carb powder of course 😉 and wow, what a difference. Last night again was not great, not because I didn’t feel good after drinking this protein shake but more discouragement. But this morning, I woke up, drank protein drink first thing this morning, and did my E&E drink and I had great workout, one of the test workouts I have had in a while.

Looking forward to pressing play tomorrow…

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