Day 59 – Yoga X

First, wow, about to complete 9 full weeks of working out. Amazing in many ways. I am amazing myself at my progress, and amazing myself that I am still doing this and still as committed as I am. More about this on my rest day.

Who would have thought Yoga X would be one of the hardest routines? But wow, its amazing. I wish the session was not an hour and a half long. I admit I did not do the full thing today, did a good 30 minutes of it. I had some better flexibility than I thought I would, not perfect but a heck of a lot better than I was 9 weeks ago I can tell you that. Next week I plan to get through all the moves, I may skip some of the things that I know I can do well and focus on learning and getting better at the new moves that I have not seen before in the Yoga I did in Power 90. But I am feeling great, I am feeling relaxed and it really did a lot for not only my flexibility but waking up and stretching muscles that were a little cramped or sore. Very good routine. Looking forward to Legs & Back and Ab Ripper X tomorrow.

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