Day 60 – Legs, Backs and Ab Ripper X.

D D D D DAY 60, holy cow, 60 days? Really, come on, I am joking right? Wrong, take a look at my photos again if you think I am joking, No photoshop here, just fat reduction shop…

So Day 60 – Legs, Backs and Ab Ripper X.

This morning got up again, and did my workout. This was a long workout, about an hour and 20 minutes which I did in about 45 minutes. These are new moves, so I am not able to do 25 of many of them, and once I hit my limit, instead of standing there and wasting time, I skipped to the next routine to keep my body moving. I tried each of the moves and need to get better balance on some, but that will get better with time, but there was not a routine that I did that I felt was too much for me. Again, as Tony said, take a slow, do it right, if it looks sloppy, so what, do what you can and as time goes on you will improve.

Tomorrow is Kempo X. looking forward to that, and after that, wake Maggie up and we are heading to Kings Dominion for the day! Woot!

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