Day 57 P90x – Cardio X

I have just completed Cardio X. I love it much more than the sweat series. Both Cardio X and Sweat 3-4 are about the amount of time, but there is much more that you do and more variety of moves and exercise in Cardio X than sweat 3-4. Don’t get me wrong, I loved P90 and for the shape I was in it was the best thing for me, but with the workout I had last night and the one I had tonight I think moving to P90x was the right thing to do. I will do the rest of the routines this week and see how the rest go before I make a final determination. But so far its all systems go for P90x. The past two days I have been more focused on the routines than I had been the past few weeks of Power 90. Power 90 I was just going through the routines and that was it. Now I am focusing on doing the moves correctly in P90x as Tony says, form is key, it may be sloppy but don’t worry about it, do the best you can.

Looking forward to pressing play tomorrow. I will probably do the same I did with Power 90 and the night before scan through the DVD and watch the exercises so I know what to expect the following day.

Now all I need to do is get myself motivated to working out in the morning again, so I have my evening to relax.

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