Day 47 – Sculpt 3-4

Wow, last night was probably the lowest point in my exercising, was not feeling the love with the exercising, had been getting frustrated, have no really seen any progress in the past 10 days, have not lost any weight in the past 10 days, and getting discouraged. I knew I had to change something up with my diet, and just did not have the energy and realized I was not getting enough protein in my diet. So yesterday I picked up a canister of Protein drink and had three servings of it as recommended on the label. Its a low carb powder of course 😉 and wow, what a difference. Last night again was not great, not because I didn’t feel good after drinking this protein shake but more discouragement. But this morning, I woke up, drank protein drink first thing this morning, and did my E&E drink and I had great workout, one of the test workouts I have had in a while.

Looking forward to pressing play tomorrow…

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