Day 41, sweat 3-4

Today I got up and did not workout first thing in the morning, which is my normal routine on the weekend. I usually either work out around 11am or 7pm. This morning was busy getting ready to take Maggie to see the Lorax which was a very cute movie, and then after we got home relaxed a bit then made dinner. Before dinner I did not have any energy so I ate dinner hoping I would have more energy. After dinner I did but I did not have motivation. I thought about taking an extra day off and just relaxing but then I started to feel guilty. I read some of the comments that friends have been making about my progress and that got me motivated. So even if I do not talk about the comments I do read them and they do keep me motivated. So I got in my workout clothes and did a good workout. Was not great, but it was better than I thought it would be, as usual after starting the workout and getting my heart rate up, I felt great.

So another good workout in the books, and this closes week 6 for me!

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