Day 40, Sculpt 3-4

Good workout this morning, weights felt great, pushed myself a little bit more with the weights and had no problems.

Tomorrow day 40, which will be the end of my 6th week. I will admit when I first started his I had doubt that I would follow through, but with the combination of my diet and exercise and how great it is making me feel and looking in the mirror and seeing how much weight I have lost its a no brainer to continue. Getting started is the hardest thing, Continuing for a long period of time is the next challenge. But I challenge anyone who wants to lose weight, dedicate three weeks to eating healthier an doing the exercises theta you need to do, and do them the best you can, not kill yourself. After three weeks step on the scale and look in the mirror, if that is not enough to say to yourself, wow, I am really doing it and then ask yourself if its worth it and if you want to continue.

I know after three weeks I sure wanted to and now that I am about to complete my 6th week, I want to continue even more.

Also, I have 28 people that have liked my workout page, need just two more to get access to insights so I can see how many people a day keep track of my progress 🙂

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