Day 36 – Sculpt 3-4

First thank you to everyone for the comments and like to my post yesterday. Recently I had not had many comments and likes and was hoping my mission to get into shape was not boring people.

Today was a decent workout. My left side hurts from the butt kicking that Sweat 3-4 gave me. Plus I am thinking I my rethink when I do my workout. I may, instead of doing it first thing in the morning, do it after dinner. I seem to have more energy and am more focused in the evening when I work out. Yesterday I didn’t get to work out until about 8pm and it was one of my best workouts, I was much more focused.

I am just not able to get to bed early enough at night to wake up in the morning and be awake and have the energy to do my workout. My work schedule is a little screwy this week so I may hold off on the change until next week, but we will see how it goes.

Either way, got my workout done this morning.

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