Day 34 – Sweat 3-4

Not that many people read this anymore, not sure if I will post daily updates any longer, if I do, will just put that I did an exercise and thats it.

But tonight I will post a longer post since this was my first time doing Sweat 3-4.

Wow, amazing. Its the same thing as 1-2, but a faster pace and instead of doing two reps of each thing you do three.

I was working out in Maggies room again with my iPad and definitely need to get rubber squares for the living room.

I made it through the entire 3-4 routine without pressing pause once, I pushed myself and I did it. Very happy with that.

Now Abs 200, instead of doing 100 ab reps you do 200. That was the toughest thing. I probably ended up doing about 170 which is great, but there are a few routines that I can’t do the 20 reps, so I will be able to see myself progress. The other ones that I did do 20, towards the end it was tough, but I did it.

Feeling great tonight. Now tomorrow rest…

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