Day 33 – Sculpt 1-2, scratch that, Sculpt 3-4

Ok, I am in a little bit of confusion. In Power 90 the schedule they give you thats printed shows you doing the 1-2 routines for 6 weeks. But when you enter the routine in into TeamBeachbody it has you change after 30 days, and I didn’t realize that until yesterday when I was looking at my calendar in amazement how long I have been doing this.

So today I started with 3-4, which I think it ends up working out for the best, I can do one routine of each exercise before my rest day to get use to it and push myself a little bit.

With me starting 3-4, I kicked up the weights on my dumbbells a bit, and I felt it, and after the exercise I felt great. I have not felt this great in a few weeks, I had gotten so use to the routine and the weights I was doing that my body was not really getting the most out of my routines, also with me not feeling well the past two weeks I have been taking it a little easier too, but with the 3-4 I can push myself more and see how far I can go, that is of course without overdoing it and hiring myself.

My left knee which started bothering me a few weeks ago slightly with some routines, still bothers me, I may get a brace for the knee and see if that helps it. I can walk, walk up and down stairs and do everything without a problem its just when I bend my knees in a stretch I feel a muscle is tender.

But its friday, and I have had the best workout routine I have had in about two weeks and I feel great today. The last half of the sculpt routine are new weight exercises woot! And I loved doing them. So I am going to hold off on mixing it up a bit like I was thinking and just focus on 3-4 for the next month or so and then see how I feel.

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