Day 27 – Sweat 1-2

I have just completed my 4th week. I have been exercising for a month, and dieting for 5 weeks.

This morning I woke up at my normal time even though it was the weekend. I got up, and had a headache, so I got a glass of water and relaxed for a bit and fell back to sleep on and off for a while and then my headache went a way and had a very good workout today.

So where do I stand now.

On Feb 8th when I started my journey to get into shape and eat healthy here were my stats.

I weighted 277 pounds, and 37.2 body fat.

Today I am down to 258, and 33.9 body fat.

I had set a an initial goal of getting down to 225 pounds and 25% body fat.

As of today, I am 27% of my weight goal and 25% of my body fat goal. I am very happy with my progress and am feeling great.

And now… I am posting a new compare picture 🙂

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