Day 26 – Sculpt 1-2

Did I just write down Day 26th? Day 26th? Oh my, this has been a good journey so far. I am about to complete my 4th week on Power 90. I did not have good exercises this week, been worried about my daughter who has been sick with a stomach flu, and trying to stay healthy myself. Today I woke up and I was really tired, did not get to sleep early last night. Did not expect a good routine this morning but surprise surprise, it was my best routine this week. I was just telling my BeachBody coach yesterday that I like working out but the past four weeks I have been doing the same two routines, 3 times a week, and its getting a little long in the tooth. 6 weeks of the same two routines is hard for me. I am not in great shape still, far from it, but I do have much more flexibility than I did before I started my exercise routine, and thinking about next week kicking it up a notch and starting to substitute some P90x Routines two times next week and see how that goes.

I am still feeling good, but not as good as I have been, and I think is because a lot of the routines I am doing now are just too easy for me, and I am not getting anything out of the exercises any more, which is why I am going to switch it up. I am going to look at the P90x routines this weekend and decide which one I am going to slip into my routine. I am thinking I will probably keep the Power 90 cardio routine as is, since that is the one that still gives me some troubles, but for the weights, P90x it!

Looking forward to day 27 and the completion of week 4.

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