Day 15 – Week 3, Sculpt 1-2

Woke up this morning with a new focus on exercising, and had a great workout. I was the most focused on the routines I have been the past two weeks. I also used higher weights and I can feel it this morning. Did not over do it. I have noticed my left knee is a little sore, and it has been the past week when doing the lunge so I am taking it easy on my left knee, I don’t want to blow my knee out.

I have decided that on top of doing Power 90, I am going to focus on going to the Gym to do some more cario and weights, I am going to plan on going Monday – Wednesday and Saturday. This way I can still have my rest day, which I should have taken yesterday and did not. I don’t plan on over doing it at the gym, but last night I had never felt so good being on a treadmill. Usually I would walk or jog 5 minutes and get bored and stop, but I did 30 minutes and could have done longer if I did not get a call from my dad that I needed to return, and after I got off the phone with him, I got on the treadmill after doing some light weight training for another 15 minutes.

Feeling great today!

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