Day 13 – Sweat 1-2

If you would have told me thee months ago that I would start to actually eat neatly, and exercise, I would have thought you were smoking something really potent. I always want to eat health and exercise, but to get the motivation to do, not just one, bot both, and stick with it, I can’t say anything other than I am really focused.

I have been dieting for 3 weeks and just finished my 2nd week of Power 90. When I woke up this morning, I was laying in bed and thinking I have been doing so well maybe I will take two days off this weekend. But I brought out my iPad, which I have stored my video’s on and put it next to the TV, sat down for a few minutes to walk up, and my iPad was steering me down. The more I sat there, the more my body wanted to exercise. The more my body wanted to exercise? Are those words actually coming out of my mouth? So I got shoes on and pressed play.

This was a GREAT workout. I really put a focus on stretching and power yoga today, up to this point I have had a hard time focusing on those, but I was determined to get through them and I did. For the yoga, I am going to need to, maybe tomorrow which is my day off, play the Yoga segment 2 or three times and pausing it so I can learn to do the moves without looking at the TV. That is my biggest problem. Some of the routines you really need to focus on the routines and when you do I sometimes miss the start of the next routine.

Today I am going to a Tropical Shakeology meeting to hear from some people from Beachbody and try the new shake and get a group workout in.

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