Day 10 – Sculpt 1-2

As I have said, the past two mornings and past two days have been difficult. I had problems getting up in the morning and exercising, and had problems focusing on my exercise, and this morning was much better.

I had a problem with my diet, got into a habit the last few days eating sugar free candy made with Maltitol, and thats been the culprit. It gave me gas, just ask my wife and daughter. My wife was about to make me sleep outside on the Adirondack chair. Its also been affecting my weight loss. So its too early in my workout and diet to eat foods with Maltitol.

I had a good workout today, not great, my lower back is sore, went to the chiropractor last night and he noticed a soreness in my mid back which I am going again tonight to see if he can straighten out. I have a lot of energy today, and I feel great. Like I did all of last week, so I had a little hiccup, but I focused, found my problem and eliminate it.

Looking forward to day 11!

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