Day 7 – Rest

Day 7 – Rest

I have completed my first week of Power 90. Last night I went to a wedding for an old friend of ours, and since it was a night of celebration, I was good but also a little bad. I drank two beers and had a small piece of wedding cake, as well as a few pieces of candy. Dinner was nice sliced tenderloin with asparagus, carrots and mashed potatoes. I ate everything, I was hungry. but after eating the mash potatoes and the cake and few pieces of candy, my body told me it was not happy with me. Even though it really was not a lot, I felt bloated.

So, after my first week, how am I doing, how do I feel? I feel great. I have as I have said in previous posts much more energy. I can walk up and down stairs much better than I have, I can stand up using just my legs not pushing off with my arms to get my fat ass up out of a sitting position. I am walking at a much faster pace than I have in a long time. I have years ago been known as a fast walker, and I see that coming back in me.

I am drinking mostly water, I drink a cup of coffee in the morning and a diet soda maybe once very 2 or three days. All I drink at work is water with the exception of that one cup of coffee in the morning.

I can tell my muscles are getting stronger. Maggie spend the day with a friend of hers while we went to a wedding and we got to our friends house shortly after 11, and Maggie was in PJ’s in bed and I picked her up and carried her outside, and recently when would pick her up when she is tired its been a little bit of a struggle, but not one bit last night.

I feel my posture is better, my clothes continue to feel better and since my highest weight about 3-4 weeks ago, I have lost about 15 pounds!

I had let myself get up to… Its embarrassing to say it, but 282 pounds. I am now down to 267.

Hope my writing is not getting boring.

I know I am going to forget some things I wanted to post, and if I do and remember later I will update this post.

Will post more later.

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