Day 6 Sweat 1-2

This completes my first week on Power 90 and what a ride its been. I work up this morning about 7am with a headache. I did not drink much when I got home last night and was dehydrated. I made me a big glass of water, sat down for about 45 minutes and slowly drank water to rehydrate myself. Once I started to feel better I pressed play.

I had a hard time focusing on the stretches today and I could tell when I did my workout, my joints and muscles hurt during the workout at first because I did not focus on the stretches, which shows me that stretching is a very important part of the exercise.

I have done Sculpt 1-2 and Sweat1-2 three times each so far and not sure which one if my favorite, Both have routines that I really like to do. I think I probably prefer Sculpt slightly because of the use of Barbells.

I am getting ready to go to a wedding and will post a more detailed summary of my first week tomorrow.

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