Day 4 – Sweat 1-2

I give up. its too hard….

Did I make you sweat? ha ha.

Today was day 4 of my journey. My body has its own alarm clock. I wake up each morning about 10-10 minutes before my alarm goes off. Guess its my body telling me I love what your doing and keep it up and I am going to make sure you keep it up. I laid in bed about 10 minutes to fully wake up and got up and pressed play and off to the races… I have a problem focusing on the stretching routines in the morning, I need to focus better on those, but by the time to real work starts I am fully focused and into it. Since this was my second time doing Sweat 1-2 I changed my pattern a little bit. One thing I am finding is that on this and Sculpt, I am rushing through the exercises a little faster than Tony, which tires me out quicker, so I focused more on form again and an even reps and not rushing it.

So, after 4 days, how am I feeling? Like $650,000. Not quite a million dollars, but still feeling great. I am still doing great with my diet. My daughter wanted some ice cream last night from Dairy Queen and I stopped there and got her a mini blizzard, I consider getting my self a mini blizzard as well, cuz, you know, the name sez mini, it can’t be bad for you? Right?

Wrong, I got one mini for her and that was it. I did not get any ice cream and I didn’t miss it. I am following a low carb diet, like my doctor has been telling me to do for a long time since I am pre-diabetic.

I can already feel a difference in my body. I no longer feel constantly bloated, I can tell the big beach ball that I carry in front of me is starting to deflate. I can feel a difference in my clothes, not a huge one, but enough. My clothes are fitting looser.

So my journey continues…

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