Day three, Sculpt 1-2

Good morning everyone.

This morning was again hard to get out of bed. It felt so nice laying in bed, but I knew if I would have gone back to sleep I would have killed any momentum I have made and would have felt guilty all day. So I got up and did the routine. For the first half, I changed the weight of my dumbbells from 6 to 9.5 pounds and it felt good. 6 pounds I didn’t feel much, 9.5, after about 10 reps I started to feel it and was able to safely do the last 5 with some resistance. The second set Tony recommend lowering the weight and I did, i dropped it back down to 6 pounds and still felt good. At the end of the routine my muscles felt fatigued and I drank my recovery drink and now my fatigue is gone and my muscles feel great. I can tell my exercises are working, and my muscles feel, well its hard to describe, its a weird, but great feeling.

I will just say this. I feel great. I feel the best I have felt in, god I do not know how long. It dieted the last two summers some and lost about 10 pounds just to have it come back, and even when I dieted then, I really didn’t focus that much on it, I did not really commit to it. I had changed my eating habits enough that I lost some weight, but I really had not changed my eating habits enough, was still eating foods I should not be eating and it was easy for me to rebound to my previous weight. This past summer, as many people do, I did not just gain my 10 pounds back, but I gained an additional 10 pounds. I have been between 260-270 the past few years, got as heavy as 282, and now I am back down to close to 270. So I have a long way to go, but I am still committed and want to do this.

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