Day 2. Sweat 1-2 and Ab Ripper 100…

ast night I started watching Sweat 1-2 but was tired and did not complete watching it or Ab Ripper 100. I got half way through the Sweat 1-2 and thought wow, this is going to be hard…

This morning, I got up, and did them both. And yes they were hard, but not impossible. The key, as Tony states many times in the video’s is listen to your body, don’t over do it. If you need to hit the pause button, go ahead, because he will be there when you hit play again. The other suggestion he had, which is what I did was just pace your self, do what you think you can do to get through the routine without pausing. I did not pause the video once, I did have to take a 5 second break two or three times to refocus. I also, which I forgot to do yesterday was wear my heart monitor. My chart is posted on this note.

After Sweat 1-2 I did Ab Ripper 100. I was surprised at how short the video was, but let me tell you, he knows how to work the abs and he knows how to get the most out of a short routine of about 6 minutes.

I drank my recovery drink again after my workout. I am feeling sore, I can feel which muscles that I worked, but I am feeling great right now.

Again, it was hard to get out of bed and press play, but once I did, there was no turning back and I did not want to turn back. I am pumped and can’t wait to do this again tomorrow.

Tonight I am going to pop in the Ab ripper 100 again and work on my form a little better. I know there were a few routines that I didn’t really do 100%. I did not feel the pain where I should have all the time but I am very overweight, I am very out of shape and its going to take a while to learn this and get into shape better so I can do this better.

But I will say this. At no point during these routines that I did today, or yesterday for that fact did I feel like I was over my head and I could not do it. For me watching the routines in advance helped me know what to expect. It excited me, got me wanting to do it, but for some people it can be discouraging watching what Tony and his assistants are doing. But listen closely to Tony, when it says, do what you can do, don’t hurt yourself, I do not feel like its lip service to try to coax you. You can tell he really means it. He is here to help you, not to hurt you and he tries the best he can through the video format to teach you ways so you don’t hurt yourself.

Looking forward to day 3.

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