Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I found a friend who had Power90 and borrowed their DVD’s until mine arrive this week and started my routine a week early. First thing I did last night which I plan to do with every new routine is sit down and watch the video from start to finished the night before. For me this is important so I can see what exercises that I will be doing, look at the difficulty of the exercises, for the ones that look hard, focus on the form of how they are doing the routine and listen to Tony and his suggestions on how to modify the routine to do it in an easier manner that makes it possible for you to do the exercise. The first DVD Sculpt 1-2 is just under 30 minutes. The exercises mainly are upper body, most using dumbbells. The key, especially for me and has Tony says through the entire routine, is do what you can do. Do not use too much weight, do what is comfortable for you, and the key he tells you to watch out for, if your using dumbbells and you can feel it in your lower back, then your using too much weight. The routine is to work your biceps and shoulder muscles, not your back. The key is to keep your back straight the entire time.

There was one routine towards the end of the video that I thought there was no way in h*ll I will be able to do. This was the chair dips… I grabbed a chair and, again was not able to do it Tony Horton style, but he showed a way that it can be done that was easy for me to do.

After I finished the exercise I drank a glass of the BeachBody recovery drink and first off let me tell you, the taste of this totally blows me away. It has a very nice citrus flavor and is very easy to drink. I could drink that all day long.

Now I am at work and I cannot wait until I start the Sweat 1-2 and Ab Ripper 100

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